Global Warming Dunk Booth, 2019

The Global Warming Dunking Booth is supported in part by public funds from Creative Engagement via NYC Dept of Cultural Affairs and LMCC. 

The Global Warming Dunk Booth is an interactive performance/installation wherein the Statue of Liberty is reincarnated as a cabaret performer, awaiting her fate. Hilariously highlighting the effects of our actions on global warming, she tries to avoid a dunking​. Audience members are invited to join in a game of bingo. The numbers they draw signify activities that affect global warming and sea levels, positively and negatively, and trigger responses affecting the water surrounding her. As participants’ actions affect the level of inundation, Lady Liberty interacts with them, heckling and cajoling, invoking the images of the freedom that she is meant to represent. Whether she is dunked or not is up to you!