Artistic Work

I am a movement artist. Movement implies transition; it is not static. It is about the in-between, the interstitial connections from one place and one person to another. These connections can be human or virtual, concrete or energetic, direct or mediated by technology. In relationship, a new entity arises from the juxtaposition of different things, be it words, images, or people.

Global Warming Dunk Booth, 2019
User input, based on actions that increase or decrease global warming, influences the waters around the Statue of Liberty.
Qualia, 2018
Engaging with the audio installation via text message prompts
ChoreoGraphic, 2017
Twenty motion blur images on magnets that can be sequenced by the viewer
World Inside, 2017
Projection mapped dressform
Camera Obscura, 2015
Voyeuristic viewing of iconic images of men and women, re-enacted by the same and opposite gender
My Secret India, 2016
Video essay based on my marriage in India
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